GEA Report – Introduction


Welcome to the interactive report on “GEA – Growing into Eco-conscious Adults.” This report represents a significant milestone in our journey to increase opportunities for adults to engage with their communities in environmental and climate actions while enhancing their critical thinking abilities. GEA is an EU-funded project supported by the Erasmus+ program, and it brings together a consortium of partners from seven different countries: Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, and North Macedonia.

What We Did

In our pursuit of understanding the environmental challenges and opportunities for citizen science in adult education, we embarked on a comprehensive research journey. This journey was divided into two main phases: desk research and extensive field research. During the desk research phase, our partners delved into existing knowledge, reviewed scientific articles, and synthesized key findings related to Citizen Science.

The field research was the heart of our investigation, allowing us to connect with the real perceptions and needs of local communities across the seven EU countries mentioned above. To capture the diverse perspectives of adults and adult educators, we employed a rich methodology. This included conducting online questionnaires, engaging in enlightening interviews with experts in citizen science and environmental action, and facilitating focus groups to gather insights from both adults and adult educators.


Our Summaries of Scientific Articles

Additionally, our efforts extended to analyzing a selection of scientific articles on Citizen Science. The summaries of these articles are included in this interactive report, providing you with valuable insights into the wealth of knowledge that contributed to our research.



This interactive report serves as a pivotal component of the GEA project, specifically designed to offer crucial input for the subsequent phase: the development of the GEA Online Course within Work Package 3 (WP3). It is essential to understand that the nature of this report is distinct from a conventional scientific publication.

The distinction arises from the scale and scope of our research. The GEA partner consortium conducted this research across seven countries, engaging with participants to delve into the specific requisites that would render the online course optimally beneficial to the GEA target demographic.

While our efforts have been meticulously planned and executed, adhering to sound research principles, the scope and scale of participants involved in this study may not meet the criteria commonly associated with scientific endeavors that possess broader generalizability. As such, the findings and outcomes presented herein are of great relevance to our specific objectives but may not attain the broader scientific significance expected of traditional academic research.

Nonetheless, this report remains an invaluable resource, offering insights derived from our rigorous engagement with local communities and expert stakeholders. Our primary aim is to not only disseminate information but to ignite robust discussions and stimulate contemplation regarding the efficacy of environmental and climate actions.

Our shared ambition is to empower adults to embrace eco-consciousness actively, nurturing their active participation in shaping a sustainable future.

Thank you for joining us in this endeavor.